Administrative processing (221g)

Did your H4 visa application process get stalled due to administrative processing (221g)?

The most common reasons of issuing the administrative processing slip are for background check, employment check or when the PIMS is not updated with the most current information on the applicant. The authorities may ask for more documents, may make calls to your employers/clients or simply wait for the system to be updated. Whatever route is taken, remember that it will take time. You can do nothing about it and it is best to be patient through the process. 

According to the USCIS website 

It should be noted that the “Wait Times for a Nonimmigrant Visa to be Processed” information by country does not include time required for administrative processing. Processing wait time also does not include the time required to return the passport to applicants, by either courier services or the local mail system.

This means that no two cases are similar. You have to comply with the requirements and submit additional documentation as soon as you can. Usually this speeds up the process and once the authorities 

Please ask questions related to administrative processing here.

For those who eventually got it all sorted, please share your experience. How long did the administrative processing take? Did you submit additional documents? What happened to your travel plans?

Share stories and ask questions.

Looking forward to great discussions here.








I and my wife attended visa stamping together on 9th December in Chennai, India
My Visa was approved but her's is still in administrative processing

Question to me:

1.Which company – 
2.Which client – Cisco Systems

Questions to my wife

1.Since how long u married : 1 and a half month
2.Love or Arranged : love
3.How many people attended : 250
4.Highest qualification : MBA human resource

Although she(The Officer) did not hand over both our passports. I got mine stamped in 3 days her Passport has not yet been received. How long will it take for my wife's visa?

Spouses DS160 : AA003OUO3O

Why was my wife's visa not approved , when i see the status it says "Admin Processing " , she was not even given a pink slip or a yellow slip or a blue slip

I am not able to track her passport or even her case (as there is no Batch ID also given). They just took her passport no 221g as well
Please help , I am already in the US, We had planned to travel together, its already been 2 + months


Syed SS

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