L1/L2 Visa Interview Questions and related issues

Recently, a friend moved to the U.S. on the L1 visa. While it was great news for us as that meant that our friend would be closer to us it also meant that his spouse could hold a legal job in the U.S. on the L2 visa.

If you have recently applied for the L1 please share your L1 and L2 visa experience : where did you apply, how did you prepare for the paperwork, did you apply for your spouse, how long was the L1/L2 visa interview, and finally, were you able to get the L1 visa.

Many feel that it is tough to apply for the L1 visa. Others talk about multiple rejections. Some talk about the incentives and salary on the L1/L2 visa. Others rave about the visa and are happy to see their spouses work. Some say the interview process is a piece of cake. Which side of the boat are you currently hanging?

The goal of this website is to connect people who have recently gone through the visa application process to others preparing to apply for visas. People help each other and that makes it easy for applicants to prepare. Preparedness is important to accomplish a goal. We always emphasize on the importance of carefully preparing paperwork for the visa application process. We also encourage people to share their experiences. There is so much knowledge locked up in our brains and it is a great thing to help someone looking for that information. 

Please share your L1/L2 visa interview experience here.


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