F1/F2 Visa Interview Questions and other issues

Recently, a member pointed out a surge in queries related to student visas (F1 visa) and asked us to create a separate forum for F1/F2 visa related issues. Thank you so much for the suggestion.

F1 visa - F2 visa

Are you planning to apply for a student visa in the U.S. ? Do you have questions related to your student visa application process ? Do you want to bring your spouse and children on the F2 visa? Many feel that it is tough to bring a dependant on the F2 visa, primarily due to insifficient funds. Others talk about multiple rejections. Still others say it's a piece of cake. Which side of the boat are you currently hanging?

Getting married on the F1 visa

The general trend is for people to come to the U.S. for studies (on F1 visa) and then getting married midways. If you have enough funds to support your spouse's stay you will manage to get the F2 visa. Otherwise couples stay apart for the remaining part of the study period.That can be a very fruestrating experience for a newly married couple. Until the F1 visa holder converts his visa to another visa, say a work visa, like H1B visa, he finds it difficult to get his spouse on the F2 visa.

There is no need to blame the authorities and the entire process is quite subjective. If they need more documents, provide them more documents. If they need more proof of funds, provide ample funds or find a sponsor. That way the authorities are convinced that the couple has sufficient financial support in the U.S. While there is no definition of 'sufficient funds' or a dollar amount to that, it is usually better to show as much funds as possible on your bank statements.

This is just one example. There are a million other issues related to the F1 visa! 

While we always tell readers to be cool and paitent with the process, there are questions that remain unanswered. Use this forum to ask questions related to F1 visa application process, getting I -20, F1 visa interview process, fingerprinting, documentation, administrative processing so on and so forth.


The last word

Remember nobody is a lawyer here and people try to help each other out based on their own experience and learnings. 



I tried to cover as much as I

I tried to cover as much as I could remember. This is not a complete list by any means, but is intended as a general guidance. Please post your F2 relateed (only) questions here. Someone should be able to help you out. 


I'll begin the post here with my experience. 

F-2 Visa's are probably the most scary visa's after H1-B's (those are more politically controlled rather than being at the mercy of consular's discretion).

I came to US as a student inspite of having a green card petition filed on my behalf by my elder sister. Yeah, I didnt face any issues while interviews and it was smooth and stuff. So, after graduating and earning a lil bit I decided to get married while I was on OPT (17month extension). I never knew (before applying) that F-2's are one heck of a visas. I researched a lot on internet and all I could find was discouraging news of people getting rejected. But I took my chances and sent my wife for the interview.

During the interview (Mumbai consulate), my wife was asked a whole bunch of questions like

1) When did your husband graduate?

2) Where is he working now?

3) Can you show me his transcripts for MS? (She didnt have that, but I had sent her copy of my OPT card. So that sufficed)

4) How did you guys come to know each other?

5) Do you know what he likes to eat? (strange question I know)

6) Show me the album from your wedding?

7) Was this an arranged marriage?

8) What is his annual salary?

Finally after 15 minutes or so, she was granted the visa. I was damn happy. 


These might seem a few things that are very obvious, but there are a lot of people out there, who probably dont know much about this. 


But here's the thing about F-2 Visas that a lot of people have questions about. 

1) F-2's are non immigrant visas and unless the consular is not satisfied that you will not immigrate to the country, they wont grant you the visa.

2) This class of visa is granted entirely on a consular's discretion. No lawyer or authority can do anything about it if its rejected. 

3) Even though you would have more than sufficient funding, and the consular doesnt feel your return to your home country, your visa will be rejected. 

4) Carrying strong and authentic paper work is always an advantage. But it does not gurantee a positive result. 

5) There are a lot of ways you can prove strong ties to your homeland country. Examples are your families source of income, any businesses, reason for not staying in the US for more than intended period etc. 

6) You should try and carry all the documents related to your spouse. This will ease your case. 

7) The way you answer your questions will be the most important factor during the interview. If you are confident (not over confident) enough, you will make it through.

8) Your visa can be denied without any reason and there is no guarantee that it will be approved if you apply it the second time around.(or even the 3rd time for that matter).

9) If you have few months left on your F-1 (principal applicant) visa, dont bother applying for an F-2. Chances are high that it will be rejected. Consider changing your visa class at the earliest possible time. 

10) Changing your employers while you are to apply for F-2 visa will not hurt your case. Thats completely OK to do.

11) Having relatives in US does not matter a whole lot. Consular will be more interested in you rather than your relative. 

12) If you are on OPT, please please please ask your spouse to carry your original pay stubs and letter conforming your job. More the document, the merrier it will be :)

What to do if your visa is rejected?

1) If you are on OPT and planning to get married, you need to understand the risks of F-2 visas. At the same time, you need to prepare your spouse for a possible rejection as well. 

2) If you are coming to this country leaving your spouse behind you, you may want to consider the possibility of staying apart for a longer period of time. 

3) If you are already pursuing a degree here, you can try getting the visa. But again, nothing is guaranteed. 

4) If you are rejected because of 221g, your best bet is to be honest and provide as much information as possible to the consulate in question. Do not lie about things.

5) If visa is rejected for unknown reasons or without explanation, you should consider applying on a different class of visa. H-4 visas are by far the safest bets till date for any non immigrant visa classes. Again, it might take more time for you (based on your circumstances) to get the H1-B/H-4 but it will work. 


Hi Rajiv,

Hi Rajiv,

one small question: how many days were remaining in your visa when your wife appeared for the interview?








as you said, If you have few months left on your F-1 (principal applicant) visa, dont bother applying for an F-2. Chances are high that it will be rejected.


My OPT going to expire in 6 months, so is it okay to go for F2 visa? 




hi plz help i m too confused

hi plz help i m too confused about the language selection in f2 visa bcz i m rejected in first time at mumbai that time i m taking interview in English and there is a problem in some queation so plz help tell me can i take the interview in gujrati and ya if anybody knows which counselor is best yhen give me reply as soon as possible




As you mentioned those who are left with limited period  on OPT ,They should not bother to apply for F2 visa.

My husband is on OPT and is working since 6 months, we recently got married and i really want to spent time with him . His OPT is going

expire in 3 months and i have my interview in few days...Please suggest me what should i do , M really nervous and scared




      I am on H1 Visa, and went for stamping on Feb 28 to ottawa, and got 221G for end-client letter, and my client is not ready to provide one. To respond to consulate request, i have submitted all the seconday evidence like timesheets, affidavit of colleague, comm mails etc, but did not got any response from consulate. Basically, my reason to go for stamping was marriage was on March. Now, im in India, and my wife is on F1 Visa and working on CPT and have course to complete for one more yr. Now, my question was whether i could try for F2 visa in this situation, please do let me know...what are the chances or risks involved. Thank you for ur time....

Hello Naresh,

Hello Naresh,

Please read Rajiv's tips listed above. Getting F2 visa is a bit challenging. It's your choice if you want to take that chance.  Then again, we are not lawyers and no one can accurately predict visa interview outcomes. How much time does your wife have on the CPT? If she is applying for the H1 visa soon, you can also apply for the H4 visa (which is much easier to get as compared to the F2 visa).

Let us know what you think.

Thank you,





I m on F1 OPT, and working. i am married and i want to apply for my wife on F2.

My scenario is that:-

1)my wife is got rejected 3 time. 1st 2 times visitor and then f2 both rejected for potential immigrant.

2)i am on opt going to expire on oct 12, 2012 means 5 months more but i can extend it.

3)i have my graduation ceremony on 19 may 2012 and i want my wife to be there with me. 

3)my company had applied for H1b.

2) she working in india and our all family is in india.


please give me advice that can i or should i  apply for my wife in may for my graduation. ASAP





If I were you, I wouldnt have

If I were you, I wouldnt have tried untill my H1-B came through. You already have 3 rejections and I am pretty sure that this would result in a similar way. If you have applied for H1-B you could have a chance, but yeah...unless it doesnt get approved, your chances at any other visas are pretty slim. 



I have some queries regarding f2 visa. My future husband is doing phd and having TA n also getting good stipend.so what kind of documents we need To have regarding his studies and TA? I have done b.tech here but i am not doing job here since i have completed my graduation as i am not interested in doing job.so would it be any problem that i am not doing any job?



Since you are applying for F-2 there is no guarantee that you will get the visa. And looking at the current trend it seems more likely that you might be denied a visa. But I have my own doubts on that because your would-be is pursuing his Phd. Also, earning good stipend does not substantiate as a source of income. 

I dont think it should be a problem if you are not working. But be prepared with a good enough answer when asked about it. Simply saying that you just dont work because you dont want to sounds funny. So, prepare a good answer. I think other members could help you on that. 

Hi ,

Hi ,

My husband is planning to go for his masters this fall .

we planned to apply for my F2 visa too before he leaves to US.

we both have already been to US on L1 and L2 visa and came back to india after my husbands visa period was over. 

I am currently working in a good company right now and not yet sure if ill join him quitting my job .

will it be convincing if i tell the interviewer that i will continue my work here in india but would like to visit him occasionally.

do you think its better for me to attend the interview in chennai rather than in hyderabad . I heard hyderabad consulate is rejecting F2 visas.

My husband already have an graduate assistantship , so funding would not be a problem at all .

Could you please give me your views on this









If I were you, I wouldnt

If I were you, I wouldnt consider applying for F-2 visas. Chances are high that your case might get rejected because these days we hear a lot of rejection cases for F-2. But again, we dont hear the positive feedback's either. 

In general terms, its never a good idea to quit your job and come to US. The reason being that F-2 visa does not allow you to work here. And if you were to get an H1-B than thats another headache that lot of people have to deal with. All said, I would have never quit my job to come to US and do nothing. 

hii... Admin..

hii... Admin..

I am Rohini.. my F2 is rejected once in march under section 214b . My husband is on OPT (valid till one year i.e may 2013) and have enough funds  to  sponsor me.. Still my F2 visa was rejected . I am a software engg by profession and currently not on job after my marriage.  Can some one help me wth below questions

1. How can i show Strong ties to my home country. ..myself n my husband dont have any property in our name  in india . My father in law do have. !! Bt will that workk???

2. Is it diificult for people in Software industry difficult to get Visa in USA??

3. I have no intension to work in USA just want to spent some time(2-3 months ) with my Husband n return back to india... bt how do i convince VO for the same.

4. How much funds exactly will strengthen my Case... ? Currently we can show 15K $.. is it enough?

Please reply asap... 




once you got rejected...now

once you got rejected...now no need to apply for F2 again...its sure you will going to reject..how can u say u will coming back when husband is overthere


and u r not even working in india..plz be serious on words..think every possible rejection reason..one word in ur interview can gives u refusal..

My wife got rejected for 4 times, 2 times for visitor cause of her contract, she couldnot leave her job  and 2 times on F2 application..

she told them every thing with strong reason to go to US...got refusals.

Its useless now a days..they are more strict on F2 now..

Best option for you is That tell ur husband to go for H1b and then you apply..99% chance for visa approval..

I recently got approval for H1b..Now i am going to india for H1b stamping somewhere in sep-oct with my wife..

me and my wife are from punjab and my wife in reliance..strong ties, money, work every thing we showed..didnt work at all..

PLZ tell the man to get H1b then apply for visa H4...


Hello Rohini,

Hello Rohini,

I can understand how frustrating this must be for you. What was the exact conversation with the interviewing officer? How long did your interview last?

I agree with the other person's perspective but if you want to reapply it is totally your decision and we will support you in any possible way.

I am quoting the USCIS guidelines for visa denials based on 214(g). Hopefully this will help you make a better case if you want to try again.

Thank you,




What does a visa denial under INA section 214(b) mean?
This law applies only to nonimmigrant visa categories. If you are refused a visa under section 214(b), it means that you:

  • Did not sufficiently demonstrate to the consular officer that you qualify for the nonimmigrant visa category you applied for; and/or
  • Did not overcome the presumption of immigrant intent, required by law, by sufficiently demonstrating that you have strong ties to your home country that will compel you to leave the United States at the end of your temporary stay. (H-1B and L visa applicants, along with their spouse and any minor children, are excluded from this requirement.) 

What are considered strong ties to my home country?
Ties are the various aspects of your life that bind you to your home country. Strong ties vary from country to country, city to city, and person to person, but examples include:

  • Your job;
  • Your home; and/or
  • Your relationships with family and friends.

While conducting visa interviews, consular officers look at each application individually and consider the applicant's circumstances, travel plans, financial resources, and ties outside of the United States that will ensure the applicant’s departure after a temporary visit.
Is a refusal under section 214(b) permanent?
No. A refusal, or ineligibility, under section 214(b) is for that specific application, so once a case is closed, the consular section cannot take any further action. There is no appeal process. If you feel there is additional information that should be considered related to the visa decision, or there are significant changes in your circumstances since your last application, you may reapply for a visa. To reapply, you must complete a new application form, pay the application fee, and schedule an appointment for a new interview. Review the website of the U.S. embassy or consulate where you plan to reapply to learn about any reapplication procedures.

 Thanx for the prompt

 Thanx for the prompt response... 

My Interview was held on 15 march , 2012 . It was thursday..  The conversation went as below.

Interviewer was a lady..

VO: Good morning mam.

Me: Good Morning

VO: Can i see ur passport and i20.

Me: Ya sure.( handed her my passport , i20..)

VO: why u want to go to USA?

Me: I want to stay with my Husband.

VO: Where is ur Husband Working?

Me: ABC company

VO: When was ur marriage held?

Me: 12th Dec,2011

VO: Was it love marriage? How did u met?

Me: Yes ..its love marriage .. we studied in same college.

VO: Soo are u currently working ?

Me: NO 

VO: U worked previously with  XYZ company? ( I had given my previous employee details in application form.. it was an MNC company)

Me: Yes .. I worked with XYZ company. 

After that she dinn asked any document... she was continously typing on her PC and was not smiling either... After that she said

VO: Sori Mam USA law does not allow you to grant visa at this time . 

Then handed over me my passport and one form (214b) .

I belive my work exper... is the only reason for rejection... 

but currently i am not working ... soo it shud hav not been a problem .. 

Can u help me analysing where i went wrong in answering the VO officer.. 



she lady..one thing u did

she lady..one thing u did wrong that u without any job in hand..

secondly if u got refused one time ur chance for next time reduced from 50% to just 5%..now its ur wish apply or not..cause u have already shown them not working any more..even if u will go with job letter now they gona tell u that same reason..214 cause they know us that we can make fake documentation..they dont believe in papers..thats why they conduct interviews..try to understand..my wife had applied for f2 when i had job and there is my graduation ceremony for which she wana come..maximum chance of F2 visa..while she is working on 10.20 lakhs of package and 5 yrs of experience in india..1st time VO asks some question but next time they dont care..they jus pass time by asking couple of em..then 214..wait and till H1b now..we are apart since may2010..i got married in jan2010 but i took semester off stay with her for 5 months..they i went back and came back in dec same year after 6 months..again after 10 months and stayed for 3 months before joining job..in between 4 times applied..no success..i have lawyer in USA too..consultant in india but wont work..H1b have 99% success rate..even if u have many refusal cause its intented immigrant visa..some if u wanna another chance jus take but be perpared and after that dont take any chance cause its waste of money...Thanks and best of luck..

hi I have a doubt, I and my

hi I have a doubt, I and my wife are planning to do postgrad from SJSU,...we are planning to be independent and our i20's indicate that................can someone tell us how to approach the VO if he is like u r a potential immigrant and stuff....i am planning to tell him the complete truth that i am married and stuff as asked in DS160



That's very little information to process..:) Where are you located? What's your current visa status or are you planning to apply for F1 visas from somewhere outside U.S.?

As long as you have the correct paperwork you both should not have any problem. SJSU is a known institution of higher education and I think you should be ok.





Hi,My Wife went for F2 stamping a few months back when i was on my CPT and her visa got rejected under the section 214(b).Now I have started working on my OPT with a new employer and have my OPT until May 2013.Also my employer has applied for H1 B under premium processing for the fiscal year 2013 quota.So my question here is,1. If my wife goes again for a F2 VISA, assuming the fact that i would apply for her F2 after getting a H1 B approval and attaching this approval notice to her application. Will there be chance of her dependent F2 VISA getting accepted considering the fact that, I will already have a H1 B approval notice and that I will be shifting over to H1 in October 2012 ?2. Also is it necessary to apply for the dependent VISA from the same consulate that I had applied previously ?Thanks,Domnik

Hello Domnik,

Hello Domnik,

What u r trying to say does make lot of sense. Applying for F2 visa when u have approved H1B could have better chances than when u were on OPT. Since VO knows ur spouse is some how gonna end up in US if not on F2 on H4. I am not saying 100% u will get it but its worth trying. I am gonna try too once my H1B is approved. Keep in touch and pls share more information if u have any.

@ADMIN: would u like to comment on this?? what do u think??



Hello Raj & Dominik,

Hello Raj & Dominik,

I'd say just apply for H4 visa directly. You can take another chance with the F2 visa, for sure but I do not see any point given that the first thing that will get their attention is prior F2 visa rejections. Then they would look for a change in circumstances that led to the rejection. Just saying that the spouse has applied for H1 B visa further complicates matters. They would just turn you away and say that you are applying for visa in the wrong category.

This is a general understanding of their thought process. 

Dealing with U.S. visa rejections can be a mentally draining excercise. Instead apply for the H4 visa for which, at least there is a fairly good chance of acceptance.

Again, I am not a lawyer and you know your case better than all of us here. So make an informed decision. 

Thank you,




Hi Admin...

Hi Admin...

Thanks for ur reply...

I agree with ur advice that the VO officer may say that u r applying in wrong category and just reject the visa one more time.

But Still i would like to tak one more chance as last time wen my wife's visa was rejected i was on CPT. This time things have changed as I am on OPT and have 1 year legal approval to stay in USA. Also . So i positively think this time her visa interview should go thru.. 

Also can you help me one thing , Last time my wife was rejected at Mumbai consulate . This time we are thinking of Hyderabad or Chennai consulate. You think it will be fine to schedule interview with another consulates ??





My husband is planning to persue his phd starting from sept next year. Can I go with him when his semester starts or I need to wait here for some time. I mean can I apply for visa with him. What are the chances that my visa will get approved. I think I need to apply for F2 visa,please correct me if I am wrong. What are some other things that i should keep in mind while applying for visa. I am currently working in a multinational IT company. Will that cause any problems to me for visa or will that be helpful. I will quit my job next year so that I can go with my husband.

Please help.

Thanks in advance

Hello KK,

Hello KK,

Good question. It is recommended that the spouse and dependent children go for the F1/F2 visa interviews together.

I think you have a solid plan which should work! Just be aware of some of the challenges while applying for a visa in this category. Browsing through this forum should help you  Also, quit your job after you get the visa..:) 





Thanks Admin for reply.

Thanks Admin for reply.

My husband is also planning to buy house here by taking loan from the bank. What could be its impact on getting us visa? Does taking loan here may make Visa officer feel that he has liabilities here and may not be able to sustain financialy in US with these liabilities? or Will it help to proove our non imigrant intensions?

Thanks in advance.

Hello KK,

Hello KK,

I am not sure where you guys are planning to buy a home-U.S. or India?

It should not matter but you can definitely take the house papers with you to prove that point.





We are planning to buy house

We are planning to buy house in India. So now What could be its impact on getting us visa? Does taking loan here may make Visa officer feel that he has liabilities here and may not be able to sustain financialy in US with these liabilities? or Will it help to proove our non imigrant intensions?

Please clarify.


Submitted by karenjaden1 on Fri, 06/01/2012 - 16:35

Hello friends,

my name is Ken and i am a student on f-1 from nigeria studying in united states since january 2010. I am planning to bring my wife and two children on f-2 and their interview is on the 6th of june 2012. what are my chances of securing the f-2 visa. As it is, i still have a year and a half before i graduate. I have sent my wife all the necessary documents including personal bank statements, and also i happen to be on full scholarship. Any tips pls?


Submitted by Administrator on Sat, 06/02/2012 - 03:09

Hello Ken,

We wish your family all the best. The good thing is that you have full scholarship.

I'd recommend that you browse the forum for F1/F2 visa holders : F1/F2 Visa Interview Questions and other issues Pay attention to Rajiv's post and please don't be disheartened by the other cases. Tell them to be confident and be ready with all the paperwork.

Please come back on the 6th and share your experience with us.  The correct forum to post is the one listed above.




Hello friends,

I am delighted to notify this forum that my wife and two kids just got the f2 visa thirty minutes ago in nigeria.

Thank you Ianal and Rajiv for your encouragement and posts. 

The interview was short, the only questions asked were 

Interviwer : so u are going to join your husband for the rest part of his program ending december 2013?

my wife: yes, (she continued to talk) you know since we got married we have never lived together , the children dont really know him.....bla...bla.....bla....till she was cut off

Interviewer: so how are you guys going to cope over there

Wife: well my husband is on a fully paid scholarship, and he also had some money in nigeria b4 he came, also (passing my pay stubs to the interviewer) based on his academic performance he was also given a job as a student tutor.

Interviwer: pick up your visa on monday.

In between all of this my 7 month old son was disturbing and the VO noticed and smiled.

And that was all.....no albums, no marriage or birth certificates......nothing.

My advice to others is to equip your spouse with all information, no matter how irrelevant it may seem and encourage him/her to be confident and cheerful. kids too can do magic for you. Thank you all and I would be happy to respond if anybody has a question.

Dear Ken,

Dear Ken,

Thank you for sharing the wonderful news with us! We are very happy to hear the good news! Congratulations.

It is such a ray of hope when people come back and share good experiences and I must say your wife did well!

We wish you and your family all the best! Many will benefit from your experience and tips shared here.






I am phd student (direct phd program) studying here since jan 2007 (in the same program). I am planning to graduate in dec 2013.

My I-20 is valid till dec 2013 and I have valid visa till 31 dec 2012. my wife is planning to apply for F2 visa in august  (last 15 days).  I have full assistantship and good academic record. Is it necessary for me to appear for interview with her? Which will be more beneficial or safe to get her a visa:

(a) she going alone

(b) me also appearing with her for the visa interview

(c) me renewing my visa first and then asking her to apply for F2?

please guide. thanks.



Hello Santosh,

Hello Santosh,

Thank you for posting.

I am really not sure of your travel and stamping plans.

She has to go for the F2 visa interview alone as you already have your visa. However, if you are going for an extension/F1 stamping in India then it is a good idea to go together. They recommend families to go together for all visa interviews.

Be mindful of filling in the family option in the DS-160 form if you plan to go together.

Let me know if you need more help.

Thank you,



Hi Admin,

Hi Admin,

Thanks for quick reply. I am going to India coming August (i.e. August 2012) to get married. But at that time I still hold valid visa.  So practically I do not need visa to reenter as I am coming back by the end of August. What I really wanted to ask is being only 4 months remaining in my visa (and 1 year 4 months on I-20) when my wife will be applying for F2, will that affect her getting visa? or her visa approval is solely governed by her and my I20? please guide. Thanks.


Hi Santosh,

Hi Santosh,

When are you planning to file for your F1 visa extension? What's the rule for student visa extensions?

Frankly, its a gamble and you can never know when they decide to grant/reject the F2 visas.  I am on the fence on this as you have only 4 months remaining but there is no harm in taking a chance. Your wife can tell them that you plan to file for an extension soon. Yes her visa is entirely based on the validity of your current visa and the circumstances around it.

Remember unless you have some business with the U.S. Embassy they only let the person scheduled for the interview to enter the premises.

Thank you,





I'm an ITU college student graduated in Dec-2011. Now i'm working under Opt. I'm really confused whether to apply F2 or new F1 visa to my wife.

i'm worried with the below issues if i apply for "F2" visa:

 1. Whethere my college ITU will effect the visa stamping?

 2. How much approximate bank balance should i maitain in my account.

Please clarify my doubts regarding my University effect on the Visa and which one would be the safer one to apply.

Thanks in advance, any thoughts regarding are appreciated.




Are you on full scholarship? Why do you think ITU will not qualify as a good enough school? Is it because it is a private, much smaller school?

There is no prescribed limit for a bank balance. Show as much as you can-eventually you have to convince them that you can support two people with your college scholarship or other sources for the said period. Have you reviewed Ken's F2 visa interview experience above? Hopefully you can draw some insight from his family's experience.

You have to take a chance with F2 visas. What course are you studying and what's the duration of the study period?

Thank you,



Thanks for the reply.

Thanks for the reply.

Firstly i graduated from that school last Dec. Now i'm in OPT. Couple of months ago my parents Visa was rejected stating my school has some remarks. Keeping that in mind i was little worried about applying for F2 visa.





If I were you, I'd take a clue from the past rejection of your parents' visa. Perhaps you should wait to finish school and apply for the H1 B visa. Or invite her over on a tourist visa.




Hi All,

Hi All,

I am on F1 visa, OPT (which would be expiring on Oct 2, 12). I am working in Pittsburgh since 7 months. I got married in May, 2012 and I have booked my wife's visa date on 19th June. I know that the chances of rejection are high but I cannot apply for STEM extension (which is atleast 90 days prior). However, I have sent her one extra doc from my company saying they are e-verified and are ready to offer me the extension.

I am working very hard on it. My wife is doing her visa in hindi as she doesn't know English and she was a graduate from a hindi medium school in Rajasthan, India. Two things which are very important in F2 that I have come to know of are:

1) Provide adequate financial support, I am providing mine and my father's docs

2) Do not sound like a potential immigrant in any sense. There could be many tricky questions based on this. I am working hard on this.

It would be my wife's first interview of her life so I know how stresses she could feel. Apart from this, do you recemmend me anything before the interview? I'll try sharing the experience when she is done with the interview.

God, I love her so much and just cannot be without her anymore.

Hello Uday,

Hello Uday,

We all wish you and your wife all the best! Hope she gets the F2 visa. You have a very clear perspective of the issues around F2 visa interviews and that is one big advantage. 

I have listed a few strategies to be calm during the H4 visa interview. They apply equally to other non immigrant visa applicants. Here is the link : How to dress up for the H4 visa interview and strategies to calm yourself before the interview

For your wife: Know your documentation, be calm and confident, and hopefully you will get the visa.

For you: Prep her well, tell her about your visa and what you are doing, general basics about your OPT, school, where you live, etc. Explain to her the full process of what to expect at the Consulate. 

We will wait for your update on the 19th of June.

Thank you,


Great news, my wife got the

Great news, my wife got the visa.

The interview was of about 55 mins and there were 3 vo's who took my wife's interview.

She went to the office, there was a long line and finally her turn came.

She chose her visa in Hindi, the consulate was herself speaking in half English/Hindi, however my wife could understand the questions.

These were the questions she was asked initially

1) When did you get married?

2) What is your husband doing in US?

3) Why are you applying so late (we got married 2 yrs back)

Then she had to wait for a while and was called to some other cabin (I dont know what happened clearly here as I could not understand what my wife was speaking on the phone, probably because she had a bad phone)

Then after a while, two more vo's joined in. One was sitting on the chair and two of them were standing and browsing our marriage photos.There were about 40-50 photos of our marriage/honeymoon and they literally emphasized on each pic. They were browsing each pic and were asking questions on that, like: who is this person, what does he do, is he married?

This went so intense that there was a question where they asked about one of my friend's profession who came to our marriage in one of the pics. Luckily, she was prepared and did answer to that. They asked about my family: sister, brother, their profession.

I guess the overall intent was to find out whether the applicant sound potential immigrant. Luckily, we are not and her answers were genuine.

At one point, one of the officers gave a sharp look on the passport and (reacted as if she would deny visa) told her that the passport has to be registered on w/o instead of d/o (wife of instead of daughter of). Yes, because applying for passports took time, we applied for her passport based on her father's name and the address was of Rajasthan's (all genuine). This was the thing which I was most scared of, many of my friends even suggested to reapply for her passport on my name as her husband.

However, she said that we were married in a village where documents are not readily prepared and just getting the marriage certificate took lot of effort.

The officer still said this cannot be accepted. My wife clearly stated all the hassles in re applying for a passport and she said she cannot wait for more since we were married about 2 years and we stayed together for just 3 months and 17 days (yes, she did say that. I was surprised as I never counted those days. Like all girls, she also has habit of remembering dates and cherishing them)

After this, both the officers went to a different room and were discussing for about 10 mins. Then, another officer came in and started passing time with my wife,

What do you think? will you get visa?

a: I dont kow, I am scared

He once again had a look at all the photos and then suddenly he took a look at my lease agreement paper (I signed a lease here and will be moving on July  to the new apartment). And he was like- "Oh, so he has rented a new apartment too, nice"

All the vo's discussed together, they came to a point, one of them came and said(which she was waiting on the most)-" you got the VISA, go and have fun with your husband"

Thats it, I cant believe she made it, it was her first interview of life.

Few things which I was scared that getting this visa would be tough are:

1) F2 rejections are many, getting this visa is very tough and depends on luck and how genuine you are

2) Her I-20 would be expiring on Oct 2nd (yes only 3-4 months left to finish, however i have an extension but I cannot apply this early)

Thats it. I am going in a month to get her over

Hello Uday! Congratulations!

Hello Uday! Congratulations!

This is indeed a great day for you and in turn for us here at h4-visa.com. Your love for your wife clearly reflects in how fondly you took out time to describe her experience and add your own quips in appropriate places.

That really was a very very long interview and I am amazed at the details they saw-the lease agreement, browsing every picture! Wow! Great job!

You are right F2 visas are tough to crack but when people like you come back and post success stories, they serve as a positive energy for others wanting to sail in the same boat.

We all congratulate you and wish you a great future with your wife from here on now.

Thank you again for posting. We appreciate it.




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