document related to h4 visa interview

hi ,

I got married last month and and my husband left to the US soon after that .

I have my h4 visa interview in 3 days time and I do not have the original I797 document with me since my hunsband has carried it along with him for his POE .

Will not having the original I797 for my H4 visa interview create a problem ? I have a copy of his I-797 , I-129 , pay stubs, W-2 form , bank statments and proff of residence . I have his original employement letter and original marriage certificate , original marriage hall receipt and marraige invitation.

Also , its stated that a wedding album needs to be carried for the interview , whereas I was told to carry 15-30 important ceremony photos along with me. Would this be a problem

Kindly provide me your valuable suggestions on the same

Thanks in advance


Usually members like to help

Usually members like to help people with a name so please register on our site or at least post a name..:)) If you do not feel comfortable, just come back and share your H4 visa interview experience with us. That will help hundreds of other applicants.

  • Please read Documents for H4 visa for more tips. I just shared my experience and tips for other applicants based on my H4 visa application experience.
  • Browse H4 visa interview questions forum. That will help you to prepare for the interview.
  • I took the big wedding album along with a small album for the Officer to see. It's your choice if you just want to take a smaller album. It should not be a problem.
  • Copy of I 797 is fine. Your document list looks ok but please check the VFS website to be sure you have all the documents.

We wish you all the best! :))



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