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Thank you for stopping by on h4-visa.com. We hope you are finding the website helpful as you make life-changing decisions such as moving to the U.S. on H4 visa, marrying a person on H1B visa, travelling on the H4 visa, or life in general on the H4 visa.


We started h4-visa.com to connect people on H4 visa/H1 visa in the United States and all over the world. The website allows people to share their opinions on different issues related to H4 visa holders. Most of us have several questions about life on H4 visa and not really have an idea of what to expect. Now you can find answers to all your questions related to H4 visa right here, right now.


I have been on an H4 Visa from over 4 years. As an H4-Visa holder we all go through unique challenges that are hard for others to understand. I have struggled to find answers to my questions or other people who share my experiences. It is a simple interface and I will be adding as much information as I know to this site. I hope I can help those considering to stay in the US on an H4 Visa and share experiences with those who have already been here for a while.


This is our way of giving back to the community. If h4-visa.com has helped you in any way, please do write us a note in one of the forums.


Tell us about yourself. Share some positive and negative moments of your H4 visa experience here. Remember that you will be heard and appreciated by hundreds of thousands of visitors who need your serious advice! Help and Share via h4-visa.com


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